Benefits in Joining FLP

Many years I've searched for the best options to earn extra income on the internet and found a lot of them from online businesses like PTC (Pay To Click) sites, Matrix MLM, Online MLM (selling membership only with free e-books), MLM Getaways (selling hotel discount memberships) and even some of offline MLMs like First Quadrant (Philippines) and Edmark (Jeddah, KSA) but I've never seen anything like what Forever Living Products' offer.

For more than 30 years now, Forever Living Products has produced a lot of effective products for everyone to have a safe and healthy living. Most of their products were produced for a daily basis usage and most of it have earned praises and have earned awards and respect from respectable medical organizations. For a company with splendid products that earned honors and prestige, it is expected that a common person may not be able to engage a business with them but fortunately they have opened their doors for us all.

Here are the things you can benefit at FLP:

  • A chance to own a home-business of your own, like a retail or a wholesale store of their products.
  • One time membership only, Once a member, always a member. You are a member forever
  • They are global so you can transfer in any part of the world and can still claim your commission where ever you are. That is why this is best for OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker).
  • Be a retailer and get a 15% discount or be a wholesaler and get a 30% discount, it is strongly suggested to be a wholesaler and suggest it to your downlines as well for them also to gain a maximum profit. Be promoted and earn up to the maximum 48% discount.
  • Access to safe and healthy lifestyle through the use of their amazing products.
  • Recruit people and gain commissions from their personal purchases.
  • Once you have recruited people, they will help you be promoted and get more incentives.
  • Once promoted, you will never be demoted.
  • Help your downlines get promoted and grow and you will earn leadership bonuses and group volume bonuses..
  • Continue to replicate yourself and be qualified to their FREE trip to their FLP's Global Rally (mostly held in US territories or Europe, they'll arrange for your invitation for your sure visa approval), Eagle Manager Retreat and have a chance to earn a trip to any of FLP's 5-Star Resorts.
So what are you waiting for, JOIN NOW. Once you are a member under us and you wish to refer people, we can assist your potential recruit(s) by assisting them at the center to help them decide to join under YOU. It's a teamwork!

This offer is for all OFW's in Middle-East and in the Philippines. You can join if you are in the said locations.
They have a very stable company that continues to grow, has multiple income opportunities, consumable products and offers financial stability.

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